Stay True to Yourself


While the media and certain people in my life **cough cough my mother and father**, have tried to steer me away from my sexual jokes and offensive wording, I simply cannot stop. ‘Why can’t you make jokes about other things, Robin?” “Oh, that’s way too much Robin!” If I had listened to those people in my life, I would not have had the success I have had in my life. I would have hesitated to say that wildly absurd joke, the one that landed me my first gig, my first comedy special, etc.

This is me, I love what I do and thats it! In life, don’t let anyone tell you to switch up your style or personality. I couldn’t change my sense or humor if I tried. Ever since I was a little girl, I would crack jokes at the lunch table and see how many giggles I could get out of my friends. I would even practice my jokes in my bathroom mirror before I told them to my friends. Don’t hold back, ever. Say how you feel, say what brings joy to you and say what makes you and others laugh. Be unapologetically you!